Sunday, April 08, 2007

Andres Carvallo to Deliver Tuesday Keynote at IBM's SOA Conference

IBM Impact 2007! is IBM's SOA Conference. The global shift to SOA is undisputed, as organizations embrace the necessity of a flexible IT foundation to respond quickly to today's changing business climate and achieve innovation. Impact 2007 will get you thinking about how to use SOA and the WebSphere platform that powers it, to leverage existing resources to meet your business and IT objectives — all at a pace and cost that gives you a competitive advantage.

You'll draw from a number of perspectives: industry analysts, customers telling their stories, and IBM practitioners who design, build, and implement software for thousands of mission-critical and game-changing business projects. Set the pace for innovation with the hottest information on new technologies from business and technical experts from IBM, analysts, and companies like yours who have implemented SOA solutions.

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