Friday, June 29, 2007

Andres Carvallo to Keynote IBM Academy 2007

One must learn what the IBM Academy is all about to truly understand the significance of being asked to speak at the event. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I proudly accept.

The IBM Academy is a unique entity. No other technology company supports the operation of an independent body that defines its own technical agenda, conducts studies, topical conferences and consultancies. With 329,000 employees, the IBM Academy brings a valuable perspective that crosses geographies, markets, technical disciplines, and IBM business units, often identifying key trends and developing important insights well in advance of their impact in the marketplace.

The IBM Academy's three-day Annual Meeting is held in October of each year - and is attended by members, non-member guests nominated by the membership, affiliate leaders, the Academy Board of Governors, and other senior IBM executives. The meeting currently hosts approximately 350 attendees, including 5 Nobel laureates.

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