Sunday, September 23, 2007

Andres Carvallo to Speak at Innotech Austin 2007

InnoTech Austin is Central Texas' premier annual one day conference & exposition highlighting Austin's innovation & technology development opportunities. InnoTech is built for Business and Technology Executives, guided and directed by executives in Austin and throughout Central Texas.

Michael Beamer - National Instruments, Sam Fatigato - Ascendant Technologies, Brent Jackson - Dell, and yours truly will participate in a panel titled "SOA for the executive".

From Structured Programming to CORBA to Object-Oriented development, the software world has been on a quest to deliver applications better and faster by maximizing software reuse. Most will agree the goal has not been achieved. Is SOA the answer? The SOA approach has been around for about five years. While it offers great potential, many companies still struggle with their implementation. Come listen as some of the top industry leaders share their perspective. SOA Discussion Topics

1. What is SOA and what are the primary business reasons for taking a SOA approach to solving your business problems?
2. Over the years there have been many different attempts to leverage software reuse on a large scale. Why is SOA different?
3. What is needed to successfully implement SOA?
4. What are the Governance considerations around SOA?
5. What are some of the "basic considerations" that we must not overlook?
6. What are some of the lessons learned by the early SOA adopters?

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