Thursday, December 27, 2007

Top 10 Value Technologies for 2008

There are many technologies available at different levels of maturity and adoption rates that can add value to your enterprise. My following choices offer the greatest value back to any of you for the coming 12 months. These technologies are proven, offer choices from multiple vendors, enjoy a growing adoption, and some of them offer the opportunity to help the environment:

1 - Virtualization
2 - Multi-Core Computers
3 - De-duplication and Compression
4 - Monitor and Control Sensors
5 - Voice Over Internet Protocol
6 - Rich Internet Applications
7 - Service Oriented Architecture
8 - Business Process Management
9 - Business Intelligence
10 - Wireless Broadband

Enterprises that deploy some of these technologies (virtualization, multi-core computers, monitor and control sensors, de-duplication and compression) along with Information Life-cycle Management and ITIL tools can realize very Green IT shops.

The technologies speak for themselves and deployed across your enterprise they would increase your efficiency and effectiveness in all fronts. 2008 should see a great deal of investments for enterprises to realize great value by applying these technologies to become greener, create new business models, innovate business processes and increase customer satisfaction.

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