Friday, April 04, 2008

Andres Carvallo to Speak at CIO Executive Summit

CIOs are aware of the environmental and fiscal impact of issues such as increased power consumption, data center cooling issues, and waste from IT operations. These effects within enterprise organizations are so tangible that the strategic implications of going green are crucial to remain competitive. Within the business drivers of people, planet and profit, Austin Energy has been initiating innovative energy conservation and renewable resources programs for more than 20 years, making their CIO, AndrĂ©s Carvallo proud to lead an IT organization for one of the most progressive utilities in the world. IBM has spearheaded “Project Big Green” where Robert Braddock, VP of Global Infrastructure Services leads broad initiatives for corporate IT infrastructure that focus on the Green Data Center, virtualization, globally integrated enterprises, and business flexibility. In this joint presentation, Carvallo and Braddock examine their best practices in sustainability by outlining where Green IT links to the environment, resource productivity, innovation, and competitiveness; and how integrating Green IT into an overall corporate strategy can be used to track processes, optimize efficiencies, monitor energy consumption, create new business opportunities, and ultimately generate revenue while saving an organization millions of dollars.

The CIO Executive Summit is driven by a Governing Body of leading CIOs who play a vital role in the development of this conference. These CIOs create an agenda that addresses today's opportunities and challenges faced by their peers, thus delivering on the event promise: "by CIOs, for CIOsSM."

The CIO Executive Summit also enhances the power and reach of your professional relationships by providing a seat at the table with hundreds of other IT leaders.

Globally recognized as the most respected IT Leadership conference in North America, the conference is without question, the networking event of the year for CIOs.

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