Thursday, September 18, 2008

Andres Carvallo to Speak at Computerworld's Green IT Symposium

While the lower costs and environmental benefits associated with greener IT have long been proven, power consumption by the world's data centers has doubled since 2000 and continues to grow. What's more, this doesn't consider the footprint of technology outside the data center. So what are world-class CIOs and their teams doing to curb power consumption, environmental danger, and ongoing costs? How are early adopters of green IT philosophies creating and managing their green IT game plan? And what regulatory requirements are moving the conversation beyond social responsibility to required action?

The answers are at Computerworld's Green IT Symposium, where world-class IT leaders will examine the issues, and share best practices in reducing their IT organization's carbon footprint. Whether your priorities are to lower costs, comply with regulations, outline a green IT strategy for your entire organization, or to simply find out why 80% of IT executives say green IT is of growing importance to their organization, Computerworld's Green IT Symposium will help.

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