Monday, August 31, 2009

Smart Health Tools

Part 2

After writing a few words about Smart Health and publishing the key performance indicators (KPIs) to track for better health, I would be remiss not to share with you the coolest tools out there to achieve those KPIs.

Nike +
It is a show sensor that measures that amount of time that your foot is on the ground via wireless with you iPod or iPod Touch. You sync the results in your iPod via iTunes to the Nike+ website where your running miles, time, and frequency (days).

Garmin Forerunner 310XT
If you run, bike or swim, you can track it all with this GPS heart rate monitor. It accurately measures distance, pace, calories, and heart rate.

TrainingPeaks 3.0
It is a web program that works with any gadgets out there and reports back with visualization your heart rate, speed, distance, elevation, power output, and much more. It is a virtual trainer.

RunKeeper Pro
It is an iPhone 3G/3GS application that tracks your time, pace, calories , elevation, speed, distance, your route, and much more. View your workout history and share your success.

It is a social training log where you can track your progress in an number of sports (cycling, running, and swimming to name a few) and then compare that progress with others.

SMHeart Link
It is a fitness box and set of applications that communicates via your iPhone or iPod Touch to track your speed, ace, distance , and many other things. Calorie Traker
It is an iPhone application that helps you keep track of your calories during the day. It has a superb database of more than 525,000 foods with all nutritional information.

It is an amazing tool that helps you collect, categorize and communicate with your everyday data. It works with anything including health and exercise data.

Glucose Buddy
It is an iPhone application that makes taking control of diabetes a very easy task. It allows you to sync, organize, graph, and backup your data very easily.

Labpixies Calorie Calculator
It is a simple way to monitor your daily intake, to easily manage your diet and meals. It lets you sum up daily totals and has access to a rich database to help you manage weight easily.

Tanita BC-590BT
It is a wireless body composition monitor that allowes you to track your weight, body fat, body water, daily calorie intake, bone mass, muscle mass, and much more.

It is an amazingly small monitor that lets you count calories, steps, time, distance, hours of sleep, and more. It is a simple way to track your routine and see how you are doing.

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