Sunday, September 20, 2009

Andres Carvallo Speaks at Gridweek

Andres Carvallo has been invited to share the Smart Grid journey at Austin Energy, the first one fully built in the US, in a panel with Lisa Wood, Adrian Tuck, Tom Casey, and Anthony Star. The focus of the panel is to explore and discuss the actual value that customer are getting and/or will get soon from the smart grid.

· GridWeek provides the opportunity for organizations and businesses focused on Smart Grid to hold meetings and participate in collaborative sessions and learn from leading experts on Smart Grid.

· The week will focus on the following key elements: Showing Smart Grid Implementation, Implementing EISA 2008 / ARRA, Integrating Renewable Energy, Understanding End-User Perspectives, Facilitating Efficiency/Carbon Reduction, Exploring New Business Models, Improving Operational Efficiencies, and Integrating Smart Appliances/Vehicles.

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