Sunday, November 01, 2009

Andres Carvallo Named CIO of the Year by Energy Central for 2009

I will be attending Knowledge 2009 to receive the 2009 CIO of the Year Award by Energy Central. It is quite an honor to be recognized by your own peers, who vote for the award along with the journalists from Energy Central, across the nation for the IT and Smart Grid work that I have been leading at Austin Energy and nationwide.

Knowledge CIO Summit 2009

The power industry is changing at a rapid pace. Nowhere is this more evident than the industry’s movement toward a smart grid and the Intelligent Utility™, which applies information to energy to maximize its reliability, affordability, and sustainability, from generation through end-use.

As an information technology executive, you’re tasked with building the business strategies for information-enabled energy. You realize the complexity of making smart grid a reality. An economic downturn, aging infrastructure, stimulus spending, grid security—the pressure to deliver has never been greater.

Knowing how and why other organizations are approaching your same challenges and opportunities is invaluable. Where can you turn to hear from and share with others who’ve walked in your shoes? Knowledge CIO Summit 2009.

Why The Knowledge CIO Summit is Important

Designed for CIOs by a program committee of CIOs, the Knowledge CIO Summit provides the industry’s only forum for you to speak candidly with other CIOs about the realities of the industry. This invitation-only gathering ensures you a low-key, hassle-free peer-to-peer learning environment. You’ll be able to:

· Engage in unique, off-record roundtables with your IT peers (no recordings or media)

· Gain insight from thought leaders (industry and non-industry perspectives) on emerging trends in technology and business

· Network in an open and friendly environment, with no point-of-sales pressure

· Technology Advisory Council (TAC) members can conveniently attend the co-located EEI/AGA Fall meeting

· Large Public Power Council (LPPC) CIO members can conveniently attend the co-located council meeting

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