Monday, November 16, 2009

Andres Carvallo Speaks at GreenBeat 2009

GreenBeat 2009 will bring together leading entrepreneurs, investors, utilities, technology executives, and policymakers to accelerate the development of a leaner, more efficient electrical grid. With a laser focus on new technology offerings, GreenBeat 2009 is the must-attend event in the space for discussion, debate and power networking on November 18 and 19 in San Mateo, CA.

Energy used to be a one-way street. Today, it’s becoming a bi-directional superhighway with utility customers finally taking charge of their power use and how much they pay for it. Instead of drilling into short-term IT issues and arcane arm-chair politicking involved in this shift, GreenBeat 2009 will map out the hottest business and technology opportunities the Smart Grid has to offer.

Join me and my two co-panelists Paul De Martini from Southern California Edison and Josh Gerber from San Diego Gas and Electric. The Panel moderator will be Jesse Berst of Smart Grid News and the format of the panel is that each of us will give a 5-7 minute presentation and then Jesse will follow up with discussion. Some of the topics that we plan to cover include:

  • Bringing the Customers Along. Early pilots have largely imposed themselves upon customers. As mass deployments roll out, utilities are starting to get a) passive disinterest or b) active opposition from customers. What does this mean for existing suppliers (will customer disinterest slow things such as demand response) and for new companies (are there gaps in the market in this space)?
  • Standards: Should we start now or wait for them to mature?
  • Managing the Data Explosion. Smart metering deployments can easily generate more than 2,000 times (yes -- 2,000) the data utilities currently manage. Most utilities don't have the experience to validate, normalize and archive this much data, much less to mine it, analyze it and share it with other applications. Will they hire to bring these skills in-house, use consulting firms or out-source it altogether?

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