Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Andres Carvallo Named to AT&T's Utilities and Field Services Advisory Board

Andres Carvallo has been chosen by AT&T to join its Utilities and Field Services Advisory Board.

Over one hundred years ago, Alexander Graham Bell's historic phone call to Watson launched a rapidly growing voice communications era. The Bell Systems' founders understood that for technology to truly succeed, they needed to develop a sustained research and development organization dedicated to fostering continued innovation. Thus, AT&T Bell Labs s (first known as Bell Telephone Laboratories) was created in 1925.

Throughout the next seven decades, AT&T Bell Labs was responsible for some of the world's major inventions across a broad spectrum of technologies, including the transistor, cellular communications, the field of Information Theory, the solar cell and the communications satellite.

In 1996, AT&T incorporated the divisions of AT&T Bell Labs that focused on computing, information, and communication science, and renamed the merged group AT&T Labs. Since that time, AT&T Labs has grown, adding engineers and scientists from SBC Labs, Bell South, and Cingular Wireless. While the name may have changed, AT&T Labs' commitment remains: to create the innovations that drive the AT&T global network and the cutting edge and technologies that will transform AT&T and the industry.

In order to help accelerate the adoption and shape the innovation from
AT&T Labs, the company has created a Utilities and Field Service Advisory Board.

Charter: Using the voice of the customer, AT&T’s Utilities and Field Services Advisory Board serve as it’s “headlights” into the future trends and business needs
of its Fortune 500 enterprise clients.

Mission: To better meet the needs of the Utilities and Field
Services community, by providing AT&T with professional insight and guidance to develop innovative solutions to meeting the information and telecommunication needs for this sector.


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