Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top 10 Hot Technologies for 2010

As we finished the first decade of this century, we are positioned to see emerge and adopt great new technologies and finally push through some that have been evolving nicely. 2010 will be a breakthrough year. Acceleration and innovation will work together in a unique way and the market will jump in with both feet to adopt them aggressively. Here are my hot technologies for 2010 that will change everything about how we work, live, and play.

1 Virtualization (Server, Storage, Desktop, Mobile)

2 Mobile Computing (iPhone, Android, others)
3 Smart Grid
4 Energy Storage
5 Electric Vehicles
6 Cyber Security
7 Videoconferencing
8 VOIP plus Unified Messaging
9 SOA plus Business Intelligence

10 Cloud Computing (Public, Private, Hybrid)

Get ready to virtualize every piece of your infrastructure unlike never before to achieve higher productivity and reduce costs, to embrace the new mobile platforms and their applications while re-defining your business processes at work and how you live, to be blown away by a new smart grid that delivers electricity with the efficiency and effectiveness that Edison and Tesla intended from the very beginning, to learn to use and manage energy storage while becoming energy producers for the very first time, to enjoy electric vehicles with their low carbon foot print and help re-shape our energy ecosystem, to get super serious about protecting your cyber assets as threads increase and spread at an alarming pace, to empower videoconferencing and change our workforce habits and location selections, to finally enjoy a 100% IP unified communications network and applications, to unleash the power of your investments in Service-Oriented Architecture and Business Intelligence to take hard on the competition and ensure the ultimate customer experience, and to scale to infinity all key capabilities that will benefit from the transformational impacts of cloud computing.

Enjoy the holidays and rest, because 2010 will be the most transformational year ever.

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