Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Andres Carvallo Keynotes Smart Grid Revolution

Utilities are faced with growing pressures that overlay all their strategic decisions regarding the future: continually growing demand for electricity, reduction in emissions including carbon, an old infrastructure, rate volatility, load demand, aging workforce, and security issues. Faced with these issues there is an urgent need to implement and update the latest smart grid technology within utility companies to improve operations, reliability, customer retention, and optimize asset utilization. The 2nd Annual Smart Grid Revolution conference, February 18-19, 2010 will explore the requirements of creating a comprehensive business case and long term planning for Smart Grid Implementation. Understanding that the industry is beyond metering implementation, the program will also focus on how to achieve two-way communications, the communications infrastructure required and the management of HAN to fully maximize the potential of Smart Grid applications. It is more crucial than ever to update and implement smart grid initiatives within your utility’s infrastructure. This conference will help attendees understand the challenges faced before implementing the smart grid, and the process they took to get there. Join us February 18-19, 2010, in Austin, Texas for a gathering of utility professionals, regulators, commissioners, engineers and financial executives. This two-day strategic business forum will take in depth look at the challenges being faced by utilities concerning the implementation of the smart grid, the case studies, and the benefits that the smart grid brings to the utility, customer, and economy. Learn from utility companies that have been successful in implementing smart grid initiatives. In order to understand the lessons learned from Smart Grid implementation across the industry and have a clear vision of the future role of Smart Grid this is a conference you cannot afford to miss!

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