Thursday, June 03, 2010

Andres Carvallo Keynotes Smart Grid Update in San Diego


9:00 - 9:45 How to Evolve with the Changing Utility Business Models?

Hear how utilities intend to restructure their business models to incorporate game changers such as next-gen ICT, distributed generation and renewable sources of power.

- Win over utilities that are migrating to participatory networks by revamping your solutions portfolio to include a complete services based package

- Get a snapshot of outsourced utility activities to see which partnerships are proving successful and how you can ally your business alongside industry movers & shakers

- Discuss the latest dynamic pricing and billing strategies employed by utilities to gauge end consumers’ tech preferences

Andres Carvallo, Former Chief Information Officer, Austin Energy
Chris Chen, Project Manager, Energy Efficiency, Sempra Utilities

Michael Pesin, Strategic Technology Advisor, Seattle City Light

Michael Ingram, Senior Manager, TVA

9:45 - 10:15 Austin Energy's Vision of the Smart Grid

Hear details of Austin’s technology set-up across the grid - from smart grid design, to smart appliances within the home space.

- Hear straight from the CIO on technologies employed and further technology requirements to reinvent existing offerings

- Understand the requirements of Austin’s existing assets and infrastructure to determine how new technologies and services need to adapt to integrate successfully

- Get the low down on Austin’s future plans, next steps and pilot pipelines to aid them and other utilities to build a complete network of the future

Andres Carvallo, Former Chief Information Officer, Austin Energy

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Lita Cuen, LC RISQ & Associates said...

I had the pleasure of hearing Andres Carvallo for the first time at the Smart Grid Conference this past week in San Diego.

A dynamic and informative speaker, Andres brought the message of how Grid Net through their PolicyNet and SmartGrid software platforms combined with incorporating a 4G broadband communications for integration with Smart Grid devices provides an online, real-time view and control of the Smart Grid network.

I was particularly impressed on how Grid Net is also incorporating the ability for utilities to create, deploy, and manage enterprise policies (or business rules) centrally, thus enabling a highly distributed, intelligent control system for managing and monitoring Smart Grid devices strongly embedded with security, scalability, and most importantly, reliability.

If you have an opportunity to hear Andres speak on the SmartGrid, and his vision of what will make it work, I would highly recommend that you attend a venue of where he will be presenting.

- Lita Cuen, LC RISQ & Associates