Thursday, October 20, 2011

Andres Carvallo Speaks at Smart Energy International

Smart Energy International is a future focused, strategic event for utilities and new energy stakeholders in the US and across the globe to discuss the upcoming shifts in demand on their infrastructure, from regulations to emerging technology, and how they can implement business decisions today to be better prepared for tomorrow.

With intelligent buildings, home area networks, electric vehicles, energy storage, distributed generation, carbon reduction regulations, new customer demands and continued pressure to perform for communities, shareholders and the environment, 2012 is an incredibly exciting, dynamic year to be involved in the changing utility industry, with myriad opportunities to explore and new revenue streams to win.
Some of the key themes to be explored at this timely Summit include:
  • Upcoming regulation in the US and international energy markets, and the impacts it may have on your business strategy
  • Case studies of recent upgrades and emerging trends in the international energy distribution market
  • Integration of renewables, advances in distributed generation, storage and complex distribution management
  • Reducing demand: Energy efficiency programs, demand response, automated buildings, smarter homes, connecting it all with engaged customers.
  • The next steps: Preparing for widespread EV adoption; leveraging the data for additional business value; connecting it all for Smart Cities.
Mr. Carvallo will give his speech titled “The Advance Smart Grid – A New Energy Paradigm”, where he shares his vision, expertise, and insights on the inevitable evolution of smart grids, the rationale for an advanced smart grid, his vision, planning, and initiatives, his design for smart grid 1.0: from power plant to meters, his summary on the national perspective on smart grid, the interfacing with distributed energy resources (DER), how smart grid 2.0 emerges: an integrated and advanced smart grid, the potential of advanced smart grids for a better world, and a vision of fast forward to smart grid 3.0

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