Thursday, November 16, 2006

IDC's SOA Event in Chicago Drives Point

The IDC SOA event in Chicago this week was attended by over 300 professionals and it has helped bring together many buyers and sellers to the table. The buyers are more confused than ever, in general. The sellers are doing a good job to explain their differences. We know that Fortune 500 companies are already using SOA or will soon be using it. The key question is, will the rest of the market get to see the benefits of a fully-integrated and self-healing enterprise. Maybe............Maybe not. Lower prices would help.

Speech: “From Legacy Systems to SOA in 90 Days”
IDC SOA Forum MidWest– Chicago, IL
November 16, 2006

As I spoke to the audience in my talk "From Legacy to SOA in 90 days" and as part of the "SOA Governance Panel", it is clear that confusion still reigns among all, but buyers are determined to seek the answers to deploy their own SOAs for each of the following scenarios:

1.When the business models and/or the business processes change often
2.When your applications and infrastructure are complex
3.When you need better integration and to reduce costs
4.When business process innovation is the core differentiator

Enterprises across the Midwest have been alerted and the race has began. Fortunately for the citizens of Chicago, their own city has been on a SOA journey for 4 years now. We in Austin, TX have Austin Energy and many state agencies already deployed and with over 4 years of experience as well.

SOA is the closest thing that we have to our quest for enabling the business to move at the speed of thought. Happy SOAing this holiday season.

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