Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Introducing My RunITbiz System

Over the last 12 years, out of a 21 year career, I have led and built the creation, execution, and growth of innovative software, hardware, and service solutions to many complex problems. In the process, I discovered a formula to successfully run IT as a business.

It all starts with my focus on the customer as the center of a Lifecycle. The Lifecycle rules a discovery, planning, and maturity model process that is applied to a framework. The framework is made out of the 12 critical elements for Running IT as a Business. The elements are rationalized into demand and supply categories. At the core of the model is a Service Oriented Architecture that leverages legacy while building on new open standards including cutting edge Web 2.0 tools.

RunITbiz Framework

•Running IT Demand As A Business:
1. IT Governance
2. IT Structure
3. Portfolio Management
4. Business Alignment
5. Financial Management
6. Marketing & PR

•Running IT Supply As A Business:
7. Enterprise Architecture
8. Vendor Management
9. Process Management
10. Project Management
11. Service Management
12. Quality Management

Sample RunITbiz Maturity Model mapping of your company

So that the key questions are. How are you doing on each element today? What is your level of maturity on each? What would it take to get to level 5 on each? How long? How much? Is it possible? Does it make sense? What are your competitors doing about it?

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