Saturday, May 16, 2009

Andres Carvallo named Technical Chair for NIST's Smart Grid Standards Process

The purpose of the Smart Grid Interoperability Workshop on May 19-20 2009 is to provide an opportunity for the industry stakeholders to meet face to face for a second time to continue the consensus building process for a Smart Grid Standards Interoperability Interim Roadmap.

The key objective of this exercise is to use this consensus based process to select a particular set of interoperable standards for each interface between adjacent Smart Grid environments that support certain high priority Smart Grid applications such as Demand Response, Wide Area Situational Awareness, Electric Storage, and Electric Transportation.

There will be six workshops to define standards for:

1.Demand Response & Consumer Energy Efficiency
2.Wide Area Situational Awareness
3.Electric Storage
4.Electric Transportation
5.Advanced Metering Infrastructure
6.Distribution grid management initiatives, including Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration, distribution automation, volt/var control, and remote sensing that enables improvements in reliability and improves the efficiency of the distribution system.
In recognition for my industry experience and knowledge, I have been invited to play the role of Technical Moderator and Lead in the Wide Area Situational Awareness, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, and Distribution Grid Management workshops, and Technical Chair for the Application and Data Integration workshop of the Smart Grid Standards Interim Roadmap workshop next week.

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