Saturday, May 23, 2009

Austin Energy Launches Customer Outage Portal

We have launched our Customer Outage Portal, called "Austin Energy Storm Center" to further improve our customer services and help the media quickly and easily understand when and where there are outages in our service territory.
The Storm Center can be viewed via any Computer and Smart Phone (with a full HTML browser).
The Storm Center provides a “Summary” tab that will show the total number of outages in the utility’s service area and the total number of customers without power at any given time. Users can see the total number of customers currently without power by ZIP code as well as the total number of customers served within each ZIP code.
The Storm Center displays a map of our entire service area, with outages coded to illustrate a small outage (1-200 customers), medium outage (210-500 customers), and large outage (more than 500 customers). Other features include the time the outage began, the estimated restoration time, and total number of customers without power, all zoomable down to street level.
With the Storm Center, customers can see visually what is going on in the Austin Energy service territory, they can check for a specific outage, they can report an outage, and they can contact us.
This project was a great team effort from multiple divisions within Austin Energy. Congratulations to all !

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