Thursday, July 09, 2009

Andres Carvallo Speaks at GE Smart Grid Technology Symposium 2009

I have been asked to speak on my vision and plans for Smart Grid 2.0 at the GE Smart Grid Technology Symposium 2009. We already designed and built our Smart Grid 1.0 in Austin, TX servicing 1 million consumers and 43,000 businesses. The questions is what is next? Our Smart Grid 2.0 vision is on Distributed Generation, Storage, Smart Appliances and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicles at the premise (home, Office, school, factory) and interconnected to the Utility grid.

The GE Smart Grid Technology Symposium deals with basic and in-depth Smart Grid concepts, plans, and lessons learned from deployments.

What's happening in the electricity sector is analogous to what already has happened in the telecommunications sector. It's becoming mobile, intelligent and all encompassing. In telecommunications, fixed telephone lines have given way to cell phones that allow us take pictures, watch TV, record video, correspond by e-mail, browse the web and of course, have mobile phone conversations from virtually anywhere. The electricity sector is evolving in much the same way. We're transitioning from a stationary, centralized, and fixed power distribution system to one that will be more mobile, more distributed and more diverse in where we get our power. In essence, it will become the future Smart Grid.

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