Monday, August 24, 2009

What Drives Austin Energy Today?

Our popularity continues to amaze me. We get asked all the time, why are we so transformational? Why are we building the smart grid? Why are we selling so much green power? Why are we so focus on customer satisfaction? Etc., Etc.

Here are the current key drivers from our strategic plan and fiscal year 2009 operational plan:

What are the business drivers for Austin Energy?

- Get to 700 MW of energy efficiency
by 2020
- Get to 15% energy efficiency by 2020
- Get to 30% mix of
renewable energy in our generation by 2020
- Get to 100 MW of Solar generation by 2020
- Get AA bond rating by 2010
- Get to 83% in customer satisfaction index by 2010 (currently
at 82%)
- Get
SAIDI@60, SAIFI@0.8, and SATLPI@4.1 (currently at 48.29, 0.66, and 3.6 already)

What are our top 5 initiatives?

- Nodal Market Enablement
- Maximo for Power Production
Business Unit
- Customer Information System Replacement (Smart Grid program)
- Smart Meter Deployment (Smart Grid program)
- Distribution Management System (Smart Grid program)

What services are we trying to improve for our customers?

- More choices for customers
- Faster service cycle times for customer
work orders
- Better overall customer experience
- Increase workforce productivity

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