Monday, March 08, 2010

Andres Carvallo Keynotes Intelligent Transmission and Distribution Conference

While smart grid strategies have been in development for nearly twenty years, it is really only recently that the technology has truly caught up with the promise of increased efficiency, reliability and security. With federal funds being released to utility companies throughout the nation for the use of upgrading their transmission and distribution facilities to better technologies, companies are finally becoming serious about designing and implementing improved grid components. For many utility companies, there is a base of understanding related to the benefits and value of new technologies, but a lack of knowledge related to where to start in designing and implementing their own “smart grids.”

This smart grid conference will provide an opportunity for utility companies to come together to discover and understand how to begin implementing a more stable grid, from understanding the components required, to recognizing realistic time frames for implementation and deployment of advanced technologies across the grid.

Through in-depth case studies from utility companies that have implemented advanced technologies, or that are in the process of implementing smart grid components, companies will truly understand the requirements from both an internal resource and financial perspective. Solution providers will also be on-hand to answer questions related to the many components required to successfully launch a smart grid initiative, ranging from demand and asset management, transmission upgrades, and better communication networks. These enabling technology providers will provide case-study examples of how technologies can work together to provide more secure, accurate, and reliable service.

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