Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Andres Carvallo Speaks at IDC Intelligent Economy Panel

As the world slowly recovers from a severe recession, economic conditions have exposed massive inefficiency, dangerously poor visibility and transparency, and painfully slow ability to innovate and adapt. It's no surprise that almost every industry is poised for significant - and, in many cases, long overdue - restructuring and transformation. A common element of such transformation and revitalization is the deeper embedding and leverage of technology to foster an intelligent economy, greatly improve growth and efficiency, and stave off future crises.

The IT-driven revitalization of industries and markets puts the ICT industry in a unique position for strong, sustained growth over the next decade. Given the sea changes in the global economy, simply returning to "business as usual" will be a very poor strategic choice.

Join IDC's leading analysts for Directions 2010. Throughout the presentations, networking, and one-to-one meetings, IDC and Insights analysts will share their research and perspectives about this next wave of opportunities for the ICT industry and the changing strategies that will be required to capture them.

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