Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Andres Carvallo Speaks at the Networked Grid 2010

The electric power industry is rapidly moving beyond the smart meter to that of an information-rich networked grid. Information technology and advanced communication networks are enabling an intelligent grid infrastructure that is spawning the development and deployment of transformative applications for next-generation utility networks.

Between 2010 and 2020, power grids around the globe will be transformed through a series of stages driven by the availability of infrastructure technology and application market demand. Everything from improved power quality and reduction in peak demand to the integration of distributed renewable energy resources and PHEVs will influence the portfolio of smart grid technologies and applications to come.


Power Forward: Grid Optimization and Distribution Automation

Overall grid optimization and, specifically, Distribution Automation is the highest priority application among North American utility smart grid decision makers, with 77% ranking it number one, according to a recent survey from GTM Research. Optimizing the power layer infrastructure for real-time distribution automation applications may not be as sexy an application as networked electric vehicles or snazzy home energy management systems, but it's a major issue for utilities and can provide a significant amount of efficiency from an internal operations perspective on the utility end of the spectrum. Embedding sensors that interact with the communications layer of smart grids is an important topic and providing an infrastructure that can support very low latency is critical for its success. This session explores grid optimization and distribution automation technologies and architectures in depth.

Witold Bik, Vice President, Automation Systems Division, S&C Electric

Stewart Kantor, CEO, Full Spectrum

Sanket Amberkar, Senior Manager, Smart Grid Marketing, Cisco

Andres Carvallo, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, GridNet

Ken Geisler, Business Development Manager, Smart Grid, Siemens

Moderator: David Leeds, Smart Grid Analyst, Greentech Media

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