Thursday, May 20, 2010

FERC, DOE and FCC Chairmen Push Broadband for Smart Grid at FCC Clean Energy Showcase

This was published by the UTC. It is such a break throught that I am re-posting it. The Governement experts are leading and saying to us to build the smart grid with broadband networks. In other words, stop using RF Mesh.

Did you hear that utilities? Regulators? Legislators? Citizens?

And take a look at the video below.


At the FCC's "Clean Energy Showcase" this week, FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff, DOE Secretary Steven Chu and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski all emphasized a common message that broadband will promote smart grid. As reported in last week's UTC Intelligence, the showcase featured demonstrations by over 20 different technology providers and was hosted over three hours at the FCC's open commission meeting room. After the tour, FCC Chairman Genachowski commended the companies on their products and services and explained that the purpose of the showcase was to "shine a light on communications, broadband and smart grid" consistent with the FCC's National Broadband Plan. FERC Chairman Wellingholff emphasized the importance of customer access to smart grid data, and the need to promote consumer trust in the privacy of that information so companies can use it for their benefit. Finally, DOE Secretary Chu echoed Chairman Genachowski's call to promote smart grid through broadband and agreed with DOE Chairman Wellinghoff that the showcase is all about giving consumers the information they need to manage their electric consumption. The FCC has posted a You-Tube video of the showcase and excerpts from the remarks on its broadband web-blog at

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