Thursday, September 15, 2011

Andres Carvallo Speaks at The 2011 Energy Management System Conference & Expo

The 2011 Energy Management Systems Conference & Expo will be held in Philadelphia, PA.

Led by a keynote from Mrs. Chantal Hendrzak from PJM, the packed agenda will cover the following:

NERC CIP Standards for ISOs – ERCOT
EMS Key Findings & Surveys – Newton-Evans Research
UCAIug Sponsored CIM Interoperability Testing Results. – SISCO
Lessons Learned in Upgrading EMS/SCADA – SDG&E
Wind Generation Integration - The Structure Group
Graphical Contingency Analysis Tool – Pacific Northwest National Lab
Recruiting, Training, Certifying and Placing Military Veterans for Grid Management Jobs – IncSys
SCADA/EMS and DMS Integration - The Structure Group
SCADA Telemetry for PV Project – Austin Energy
Data Visualization and Alarm Processing – The Structure Group

The events will also have three key training hands on sessions

Training: Multi-Control Center Dispatcher – Monitor Electric
Training: IEC 61850-90-5 and C37.118.2 Deep Dive and Other IEC 62351 Communications Security Activities – SISCO
Training: Data Visualization and Alarm Processing – The Structure Group

As a VIP invited guest, Mr. Carvallo will give his presentation titled “Advanced Smart Grid Network Management” and share his vision and experience in designing and managing smart grids.

In his presentation, Mr. Carvallo will share his insights on why Electric Utilities are increasingly implementing multi-network, multi-protocol and multi-frequency wireless networks to meet the coverage and performance needs for their smart energy communications assets to integrate their generation, transmission, substation, distribution, metering, and new alternative energy assets. For example, some electric utilities are upgrading their backhaul networks for RF-Mesh smart meters with WiMAX, some are adding Wi-Fi for distribution automation, and some are starting to use 3G for synchrophasor measurement units. Bringing it all together as one mission-critical active, reliable, and secure fabric to track service level agreements (SLAs) and regulatory compliance is what AirSync™ does best. These networks must be able to adapt to and support unknown future smart energy applications; perform at massive scale extending from thousands to millions of endpoints with widely varying requirements from latency to throughput; and function within some of the most stringent security requirements of any network type, wireless or otherwise. Proximetry's AirSync enables energy service providers to provision and manage complex, mission-critical, wireless networks, to achieve capital and operating cost efficiencies and improve their smart energy business cases by controlling all applications over one seamless network of networks.  Because AirSync is able to dynamically manage performance by application, device and user across multiple wireless networks, frequencies and protocols (i.e. 4G LTE, WiMAX, 3G, Wi-Fi, RF-mesh, and others), it ensures the right level of service to the right user or the right application at the right time.

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